Do you Feel In Control?

We all have some ups and downs and we try our best to manage those difficult situations. But imagine...  you have those tools, techniques and skills to manage it better, faster and more efficient.

How would you feel then?


Are you ready to make some changes in your life and take control of it?

          Life doesn't just happen to you...YOU are the CREATOR


                                                  Your Life



Have you ever thought how strange it is that we had been taught so many things to enable our bodies to walk, talk, count, solve problems etc but nobody told us how to think.

We may be good using strategies and skills but our personal thinking skills are usually neglected. Only when something unpleasant is going on in our life, we understand that we need to  Take Control of our life again.

As a prevention plan for the future, we need to learn some new skills to keep our mind in great condition.

We can go even further using the simple laws of our mind, feel confident and In Control of our life.

By understanding that our mind is just like a muscle, which need to be trained, we start shaping it the way we want it.

Is it not, what you do in the gym with your body?

Yes...YOU can do it with your mind as well.

By training your mind

                your thoughts will change

                                then your emotions

                                                  then your behaviours

                                                                  then your LIFE

Think about it...

This is not just a is a REALITY

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Urszula Przybysz-Pereira
CBT Therapist
Life Coach
Parenting Advisor

Is it for me?

If you are looking at your life and thinking about improving it,

then you are in the right place.


To make any changes you have to start with your thinking and this is HERE where you start.

There are only 3 conditions:


You can choose one of the individual sessions

  • face to face

  • by Skype or

  • on the phone

I understand, that sometimes you may feel that, you are not ready or too far to meet up.


Sometimes group workshops may be more beneficial in your particular situation.

During the group workshops we will make some mild activities but I will never ask you about your particular issue.


We will be working on the same level in generic and holistic way to understand the mind. It will be up to you if you just want to listen or join some activities.

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