About me
My name is Urszula and I'm based in Gloucestershire.
I was always passionate about helping others and that's why I do it professionally for the last 10 years.

The most important part of my job is that I help others to feel better about themselves to achieve more

than they ever imagined...showing them that there is another side of life, the better one, the 'me' side.

My curiosity of the human mind was always there, but studying the subject was out of question as it

was usually for the ELITE group of people and I didn't belong there. This way I graduated with a

Master Degree from University but without real interest into the subject.

I totally forgot about my passion until my first child was born. My huge ups and downs made me to

think  about the human mind, emotions and behaviours again. Since then I feel that I found the

perfect explanation, which can help so many people to have a better and more meaningful life.

For the last 10 years I had been working for various schools, children's centers, privately and even NHS

to give the best support for adults and children. I even attended a parenting programme to help me with

my parenting skills. Then I graduated as CBT Therapist, which I thought was going to give me all answers.

MY Methods

As I continued my research I discovered a book by Joseph Murphy 'The power of your subconscious mind' and

it was a LIGHT BULB for me.  I made a connection when I found the elements of CBT in his philosophy. It started

making a total sense to me...

From that moment on I deeply studied the Mind Power Programme by John Kehoe as well as The Law of Attraction.By adding the latest discoveries in Neuroscience and in Neuro-Cognitive Behavioural Approach, I believe I created a unique approach to understand the human mind.

It helped me and many others, so why don't YOU try it?

So just to recap... My approach include:

  • CBT Therapy-The connection between thoughts, feelings and behaviours

  • Mind Power-Using consciously the powers of your mind

  • Law of Attraction- You become whatever you think about

  • Neuroscience- Biology of your brain

  • Neuro-Cognitive and Behavioural Approach- How biology explains our thinking and behaviours

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Urszula Przybysz-Pereira
CBT Therapist
Life Coach
Parenting Advisor
I have 2 children age 10 and 8 and being a parent is a never-ending job,
but it gives so much satisfaction.
My professional qualifications include facilitation of :
  • Incredible Years Baby Programme,
  • Incredible Years Toddler Programme
  • Incredible Years School Age Children
  • Parent Plus Children's Programme
  • Parent Plus Teenage Programme
I'm the founder of Polish Parent and Toddler Group which is celebrating
10 years in 2018. Babies and toddlers are very close to my heart. I love to watch them
transforming from  amazing little people into the Big Boys and Big Girls:)
I'm committed to parenting to create confident and independent children.
Please check my FEEDBACK
Please check my FEEDBACK