To take control
                     is to...        understand


Parenting is the most demanding job we could ever imagine, yet we do it any way. Before having children we have this image of perfect family, children behaving as they should and us being happy...

But, very often our life is far from perfect. There is not such a thing as a perfect or normal family. Every family is different with different values and parenting styles. The same we can say about our children, who can grow up in the same family but be so different from each other. Some children can be told once, others hundred of times to understand the same thing. We, parents, know our children best and this is your knowledge and skills we will use throughout our sessions.

You will build your confidence and skills by understanding your child point of view and  his/her level of development. Parents start using their skills more consciously, knowing, that their child's brain is developing much slower  than their body. You may find average 10 year old, as tall as you, behaving one moment as an adult and a minute later as a toddler. It is your child brain, which needs specific parental support in shaping for the future. Our children need long and safe childhood, to become responsible and independent adults.

And this is parents job now...

If you feel confident in your parenting, your child will sense that, and more likely your life will be easier. In the opposite, if you are not very consistent and unsure your child will more likely misbehave. You can feel helpless, depressed, hopeless, angry, guilty, ashamed...




...there is still time to change and give you some wise control as well as build your child self-esteem

Yes, to be clear, a lot of your child behaviour depends of you and your parental confidence and skills.

You can enjoy your children, make memories and have less stressful life...

Many families benefited from my support already...

It can change YOUR life too...

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Prices from £40 to £60 for an hour of appointment, excluding travel costs if home visit.

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