Growth mindset introduced in interactive way.
Changing I CAN'T into I CAN attitude.
For primary and secondary schools.

Everybody is good at something.

Children need to try new things and search for their hidden skill to feel good about themselves. We often hear I CAN'T and we have to change it into I CAN'T YET or even I CAN. It is not an easy process...

This is your job as a teacher to know how you can encourage children to try new things and take on challenges.

Some children will dive straight in, some will have hesitation and some will have great difficulties. Sometimes they are so scared to take on challenge and make a mistake. Those mistakes are the Golden Nuggets.

Once children understand the process of learning, retention and forgetting, they are more keen on taking challenges. Learning about the brain and it's laws, helps children visualise the process of getting new or old information in. 

By understanding the role of emotions in our problem solving process children learn how to recognise them and overcome this difficulties.

By the end of the programme, children understand that they need to make a conscious effort to overcome challenges and be successful.

All of this and more in only 3 sessions.

To help children understand the topic I use variety of techniques and materials including:





and many others...

Prices from £ 70 per individual session or £200 for set of 3 sessions.

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Every time I learn new thing, my brain sparks.

Mistakes help me understand things better

Urszula delivered three hour-long sessions to Year 5.  In these sessions, the children were introduced to the science of growth mindset in an interesting and hands-on way.  Urszula uses exciting and innovative props to engage the children, not only by demonstrating the neurology of how our brain 'strengthens' when we tackle harder tasks, but also by explaining how we can help ourselves to overcome barriers to learning in a positive and rewarding way.  The children really enjoyed the interactivity of the sessions and more importantly can now use and explain both the language and symbols of Growth Mindset learning - such as  'The Power of Thinking' and the image of the rainbow umbrella - in the classroom. I would definitely recommend these sessions to other schools.


Jenny Fredrickson

Year 5 Teacher

St Mary's Catholic Primary School


What others say...

I make my brain work harder for me

I can do it if I want to


English as Additional Language Support
Sometimes home language may not be English, so not only children but also parents may need that initial support to help understanding different needs.
For the last 5 years I have been working in various schools to support parents, children and school staff in
  • improving communication,
  • building confidence,
  • breaking barriers and 
  • encouraging integration into the education system.
I speak fluently Polish, English, Russian and Portuguese, but it is not always about the language barrier.
I had been successfully working with adults and children, who had very limited English from Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Macedonia, Pakistan and many others. My experience tells me that ACCEPTANCE and RESPECT are the key to great relationship.
If you are interested in improving your relationship as a parent or a teacher in education system, please contact me for more details.
Please contact me for occasional or more regular support
Prices start from £30 an hour.
Competitive price packets for half term or whole term period.
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